Career Development Fund

The Georgia Tech Career Development Fund (CDF) has been established to provide financial support to students looking to attend various Career Development, Leadership Training, and Professional Networking workshops and/or events. Each student is eligible for up to $200 per fiscal year towards registration fees for eligible workshops and/or events. The Vice President of Conference Funds oversees the distribution of the funds.

Examples of eligible events include

  •   Training programs and networking events held by professional societies, often in conjunction with professional meetings
  •   Events held by federal agencies
  •   Short courses
  •   GT-associated training programs that charge fees

The following events are ineligible

  •   Academic conferences where the applicant is presenting their research

Both Spend Authorizations (before you leave for the event) and Expense Reports (after you return) can be generated through Workday financials. If you need help navigating this, please contact an accountant or administrative assistant within your respective School or College.

Applications are due 21 days prior to the departure date for travel, and should be completed via the eForm link below. Please allow 7-10 days for application processing.

Expense Reports are also due 21 days following your return date and should be completed via Techworks.


NOTE: You should see a confirmation message after submitting the application. If you need assistantce, please email


Required Documents:
  • Spend Authorization (GT Employee only)
  • Copy of conference brochure showing registration fees


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