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Frequently Asked Questions


What topics are covered in the survey?

Topics Covered

  • Advising and mentoring
  • Finances
  • Qualify of academics, teaching, and qualifying exams
  • Mandatory student fees
  • Time spent on research, teaching, schoolwork, and sleep during typical week
  • Sources of stress and support


  • Degree type
  • School & program of Study
  • Enrollment year
  • Citizenship
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Number of dependents
  • Post-graduate interests

Why should graduate students take the survey?

  • Results will go to people who can make a difference on campus: President Peterson; Provost Bras; Vice Provost of Graduate Education and Faculty Affairs, Dr. Cozzens; Deans and Chairs; etc.
  • We are asking only the questions relevant to your lives: finances, work-life balance, stress, fees, advising and mentoring, quality of academics, and qualifying exams.
  • There are multiple opportunities for open comments
  • The results will be confidential
  • Summaries of the results by school will be provided to all students

Why should faculty and advisors support the survey?

  • Will provide metrics of performance of the colleges and schools with more fidelity and currency than ever before
  • Survey was synthesized from recent, well-accepted graduate student surveys from Princeton and Berkeley and then adapted to our campus through the Survey Development Committee consisting of graduate students, faculty, and staff.

How was the survey created? Who created the survey?

The survey was synthesized from the Princeton University Graduate Student Surveys and the Berkeley Graduate Student Happiness and Well-Being Report while tailoring the questions to Georgia Tech. Some questions were also leveraged from the 2015 Georgia Tech Undergraduate Student Survey so that comparisons can be made between undergraduate and graduate experiences.

The construction of the survey began in June 2015 with discussions between the Graduate Student Government and the Office of Graduate Studies. During the fall semester, a committee was formed to construct and finalize the survey:

  • Students
    • Marc Canellas, President, Grad SGA & PhD Candidate in Aerospace Engineering
    • Thomas Gable, VP for Academic Affairs, Grad SGA & PhD Candidate in Psychology
    • Matthew Miller, Executive VP, Grad SGA & PhD Candidate in Aerospace Engineering
  • Staff
    • Marisa Atencio, Director of International Student and Scholar Services, Office of International Education
    • David Bamburowski, Director, Office of Graduate Studies
    • James Black, Special Projects Coordinator, Office of Graduate Studies, & Former President, Graduate SGA
    • Joe Ludlum, Coordinator of Survey Research, Office of Assessment
    • David Mills, Mills Consulting Group, Inc.
    • Caroline Noyes, Interim Director, Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
    • Kathi Wallace, Director of Market Research, Institute Communications

The final survey has been analyzed and reviewed by multiple outside sources to assess the quality and relevance of questions:

  • Susan Cozzens, Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Affairs & Professor of Public Policy
  • Ruperto Perez, Director, Counseling Center
  • Krystal Meares, Graduate Student Services Coordinator, Counseling Center

Additionally, on January 12, 2016, the 50 members of the Graduate Student Senate took the survey to ensure clarity and relevance of the questions. The Graduate Student Senate is the most diverse graduate student group containing students from almost every demographic of the graduate population.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information, contact Marc Canellas, President of Grad SGA, and Thom Gable, VP of Academic Affairs for Grad SGA.


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