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CRIDC is the Career, Research, and Innovation Development conference. Come to hear from qualified professionals in a wide range of fields share about their experiences in consulting, negotiating job offers, becoming entrepreneurs, applying for a postdoc etc.

2016 Graduate Picnic

Each year the Graduate Student Government Association seeks to bring together graduate students from all departments across campus to foster a stronger sense of community. For younger graduate students, it was an opportunity to get introduced to Graduate SGA and bring together the large graduate population that is often out of sight on a day-to-day basis.


Frequently asked questions about Grad SGA and how we function.

Special Institutional Fee

Discuesses the continual rise in fees–including mandatory student fees as well as health insurance–and tuition levied against the graduate student body. In particular, this page serves to inform you about the recent changes, address frequently asked questions, and provide a way by which we, as graduate students, can mobilize in response to this issue.
The Grad Word The Grad Word is a newsletter sent out by graduate students of Georgia Tech on behalf of Grad SGA for graduate students of Georgia Tech summarizing relevant information and events.