Information Technology

Joint Vice President of Information Technology - Nikita Rajput

The Joint VP of Information Technology will focus on developing the strategic plan for the future of academic and campus life resources at Georgia Tech. Considering the changes in the software industry and Institute policy, as well as the effects of these resources upon students, this person is responsible for the continuation and stability of all IT resources under the position. This position will head the think-tank for the development/implementation of new technologies, maintenance and restructuring of current IT resources, and interfacing with the Communications Board on SGA’s website/digest oversight.


Information Technology Board

Mission: To empower the students and promote student life through the development and support of Information Technology Infrastructure at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Vision: To have a robust Information Technology Infrastructure at the Georgia Institute of Technology that will provide web tools and policies that will help students achieve their full potential, ease the effort of their daily tasks and provide an effective medium of communication between students, faculty, staff and governance bodies.


Current Projects

1. OIT Student Workforce

Working with OIT to pilot and establish a 4 year program for students who want to gain part-time technical experience. There will be roles varying from project managers to developers.

2. Parking Text Alerts

Working with PTS to make a service that notifies car owners shortly before they are about to be towed so that they can move their car.

3. United Website Revamp

Working with Mental Health Student Coalition to revamp to make it the one-stop shop for all mental health resources.'

4. Elections Website Revamp

Working with OIT to revamp to make it more user-friendly and useful.

5. StudyBuddy

Acting as the client for a CS Junior Design team that is aiming to make a mobile app that makes it easier for students to form study groups.

6. Amazon Partnership

Working with Campus Services on a potential partnership with Amazon or a similar vendor to put an Echo Dot and Firestick in all of GT Housing by Fall 2018. Custom Alexa skills will be developed for Georgia Tech specific commands