Current Initiatives

Graduate Student Government is an organization dedicated to making the academic and personal lives of Georgia Tech graduate students better. To this end, we have a multitude of initiatives that are designed to make graduate student life better in the short and long term. All Georgia Tech graduate students (Senators and non-Senators) can sign up to help with any of the following initiatives or suggest new ones.

Graduate Student Experience Survey Implementation Groups

Last academic year Grad SGA, with the support of the Offices of Graduate Studies and Graduate Education and Faculty Development, completed Georgia Tech’s first-ever comprehensive survey of graduate student life. Focus areas included: mental health, advising, qualifying exams/PhD process, work-life balance, finances, and career/academic. Now that the results are in (which will be distributed to all of campus soon), Grad SGA is committed to working with students and individual Schools to identify policy changes and initiatives that will improve the graduate student experience.

Restructuring Graduate Student Government

Like any other major student organization, the Graduate Student Government Association needs to periodically review its mission and how well it is completing that mission. To this end, we are reviewing our Bylaws and Constitution to determine what modifications need to be made. We are also analyzing the allocation of the Student Activity Fee between graduate students and undergraduate students, ensuring that the benefits of the Student Activity Fee are equitably shared among all students.

Mandatory Student Fees

Student Fees provide funding for many valuable programs and services around campus, which all students benefit from. Sometimes, though, graduate students can feel that particular fees do not provide services that meaningfully enrich their experience at Georgia Tech. We want to work with the administrators of these services, giving feedback, ideas, and constructive criticism on how to better serve graduate students.

Graduate Student Events

Towards improving the quality of the graduate student experiences, we are making graduate student events a focus of this academic year. From the Grad Picnic in the Fall and the Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference in Spring, there are many events that need planning and financial assistance. We are always interested in new ideas for events that will help graduate students relax and develop their professional skill set.

Recruiting Departmental Graduate Student Groups

Many graduate student groups affiliated with Georgia Tech schools and departments are not chartered student organizations. This makes it difficult for Graduate Student Government to reach out to specific departments as emails, websites, or knowledge about graduate student groups may be out-of-date or missing. This initiative will focus on reaching out to graduate student groups to get contact information and information about their concerns about graduate student life.

Student Mental Health

The graduate student experience can sometimes be a stressful, and learning how to manage stress is an essential aspect of effectively managing research and classes. The Counseling Center and the new Center for Community Health and Wellness are working on many new exciting programs, and they need student input to ensure that these programs provide useful services to students. Graduate SGA works closely with these departments, providing valuable feedback on the unique mental health challenges that graduate students face.