Graduate Conference Fund

Applying for the SGA Conference Funds

Each academic year, a portion of the Student Activity Fee collected from all students is placed into 2 Conference Funds (Undergraduate & Graduate), to support any currently enrolled Georgia Tech student who travels to present research at a conference. This fund is designed as a secondary source, to complement departmental or sponsored funds that do not cover all costs incurred for a trip. Additional limitations apply to where and how this money can be used. The Vice President of Conference Funds oversees the distribution of the funds.

Both Spend Authorizations (before you leave for the conference) and Expense Reports (after you return from the conference) can be generated through Workday Financials. Spend authorization for GT Non-employees is not required prior to travel. If you need help navigating this, please contact an accountant or administrative assistant within your respective School or College.

Applications are due 21 days prior to the departure date for travel, and should be completed via the eForm link below. Please allow 7-10 days for application processing.

Expense reports are also due 21 days following your return date and should be completed via Workday Financials. If you are not an employee of the institute and do not have access to Workday Financials, please have your accountant fill out a Non-Employee Expense Report and submit it to the Student Organizations Finance Office within the noted deadline.


NOTE: You should see a confirmation message after submitting the application. If you need assistance, please email


Required Supplemental Documents:
  • Spend Authorization( GT Employee only)
  • Copy of conference brochure showing registration fees
  • Verification of travel-related costs (airfare, hotel cost and tax, etc.)
  • Copy of acceptance letter or conference brochure/schedule verifying conference participation.
  • CoS/CoE PhD student only –  CoS Travel Supplement / CoE Professional Development Fund form
  • Undergraduate students only – Additional letter from your research advisor or supervisor, explaining your contribution to the project and why you should travel to present.


Graduate/Undergraduate Application:


Other funding options:

Graduate students in College of Engineering or Sciences:

Undergraduate students:


Change in Conference Fund Policies

In the past years, the conference funds have seen heavy use. To facilitate the maximum use and expand the reach of the resources, the senate passed the following changes to the conference funds for the following fiscal year, starting July 1st, 2017:

  1. A maximum of award of up to $250.00 will be allowed to present at conferences in a fiscal year (July 1st to June 30th). If you do not receive the full $250.00 the first time you apply during a fiscal year, you may apply for the remainder should you present at a second conference during the same fiscal year (Example: If you receive $200 for a conference in August, you may apply to receive $50 for a second conference in April).
  2. Each registered, full-time graduate student is eligible to receive a GCF award every fiscal year. Furthermore, GCF will distribute no more than 55% of its total possible grants for students to attend conferences occurring in the 1st half of the fiscal year (July 1st –Dec 31st). Awards will otherwise be allocated by a first-come first-serve basis.
  3. Demonstration of need is encouraged, however not required. A primary source amount would still be required in the Travel Authorization form.
  4. All other application details remain the same. The form is still required to be submitted 21 days (15 business days) before travel.

For further questions, please contact