2016 Graduate Picnic

2016 Graduate Student Picnic

With sunny skies and plenty of food, over 1,600 graduate students made their way to the Campanile to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a free meal and a memorable t-shirt. Each year the Graduate Student Government Association seeks to bring together graduate students from all departments across campus to foster a stronger sense of community. For younger graduate students, it was an opportunity to get introduced to Graduate SGA and bring together the large graduate population that is often out of sight on a day-to-day basis. For the older graduate students it is a reminder that there are groups on campus like Graduate SGA that exist to help mold their experience at GT.

Thanks to the help of 30+ volunteers from Office of Graduate Studies, Division of Student Life and the Student Government Association, every graduate student was quickly checked-in and given a free t-shirt commemorating 2016 at GT. Grad students then dined with some of the best food trucks in Atlanta including Viet-Nomie’s, the Loaded Burger, Bhojanic, Cattywampus and Flatbread Bistro. While finding shade to enjoy their meal, students from different departments were able to commiserate over the shared experiences of graduate school. Additionally, attendees this year were able to connect with the Student Alumni Association, the Counseling Center and the GT Police, each of whom were represented with tables near the Campanile.

Over the last few years, the Graduate Picnic has become an annual tradition that graduate students look forward to. Each year, more and more students line up before the registration even begins! The experience for graduate students in different from undergraduate education and this event serves as a platform to educate the students on the sheer number of other graduate students going through the same experience and thus promoting interaction among a large part of the population at GT.